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l’uscita dell’ ultimo volume:

Rivista “Studi Catalani” 6-2016
Titolo: Studi Catalani 6-2016 (ISSN 2279-8781)

Rivista “Studi Catalani”
diretta da Patrizio Rigobon e Veronica Orazi

Numero in collana: 6
Pagine: VI-210
Formato: 17×24 cm
Anno pubblicazione: 2016
Prezzo: Euro 18,00

ISBN: 978-88-6274-690-8


M. Ciceri, Il cielo delle Meraviglie. Un’altra incursione nel “Félix” di Ramon Llull • P. Arnau, Indicadors lingüístics de la ironia verbal en textos escrits paratextuals: alguns exemples del corpus prologal de Josep Maria Llompart • G. J. I Urban – Marco Lucchini, Milà 3 – Barcelona 3: arquitectura als anys ’60 • Sezione monografica: Les formes de la ironia en la literatura catalana de preguerra • F. Carbò, Les primeres bèsties de Pere Quart • B. Epps, L’extensió i l’escissió de la mirada colonialista: la ironia a les ‘impressions viatgeres’ d’Aurora Bertrana • M. G. Güell, Aproximació a un estudi de la ironia en Salvat-Papasseit • G. López-Pampló, Per a un estudi de la ironia en Gaziel: una visió literària • Recensioni

Rivista “Studi Catalani”

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1 – 2011 (pp. VI-158, € 16,00) 978-88-6274-179-8

2 – 2012 (pp. VI-214, € 18,00) 978-88-6274-340-2

3 – 2013 (pp. VI-194, € 18,00) 978-88-6274-504-8

4 – 2014 (pp. VI-170, € 18,00) 978-88-6274-532-1

M. Carrera I Goicoechea, Strumenti lessicografici per l’insegnamento del catalano agli italiani (1982-2002) • Sezione monografica: M. Carrera I Goicoechea, A chi legge • M. Carrera I Goicoechea, Per una ricostruzione della storia della lessicografia bilingue italo-catalana • I. Turull I Crexellese, El diccionari de falsos amics italià-català • A. Cornagliotti, Il catalano, termine di paragone indispensabile nella redazione del LEI • C. Calvo Rigual, EL VALITA (diccionari valencià-italià): projecte d’un diccionari • C. Gonzáles Royo, Il progetto di ricerca in fraseologia contrastiva multilingue e traduzione dell’Università di Alicante (FRASYTRAM) • Attualità: P. Rigobon, Inaugurato a Venezia il “Casal Català d’Itàlia – Casa dei catalani in Italia”. Una nuova associazione per promuovere l’interscambio culturale tra la Catalogna e l’Italia • Recensioni • Abstracts.

5 – 2015 (pp. VI-190, € 18,00) 978-88-6274-579-6

V. Simbor Roig, La ironia en Rusiñol: “L’auca del señor Esteve” • A. Maffini, Le riviste letterarie e la ricezione della letteratura catalana nella Milano degli anni ’20 • Sezione monografica: A. Loreggia, Nora Albert: poetessa poliedrica • Attualità: L. Lisino, La promozione della lingua catalana nell’era digitale. Azioni, motivazioni e reazioni • M. Dels Àngels Fumadò Abad – N. Puigdevall Bafaluy, Símbols d’identitat catalana a Tàpies. Una proposta didàctica per treballar la llengua a classe • In memoriam: G. Grilli, Alberto Varvaro catalanista • G. Grilli, Ricordo di Carles Miralles • E. Bou, Joaquim Molas: ordre i dubtes • Recensioni.
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Newsletter delle novità editoriali delle Edizioni dell’Orso

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Edizioni dell’Orso
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Alessandria, Alessandria 15121

From: Elena Seeley [] Sent: Tuesday, November 3, 2015 11:33 AM
Subject: Forthcoming novel from Archipelago Books

I am writing on behalf of Archipelago Books, an independent press devoted to international literature, about our forthcoming title, Private Life by Josep Maria de Sagarra, out this November. We believe that this novel would work well in a variety of curricula due to its historical, cultural and literary significance and wanted to make sure that you knew about its release. If the novel might be of interest to you and you would like to take a closer look, please let me know and we would be happy to send a PDF.

First published in 1932 as a scathing critique of the decadent and disappearing aristocratic class of Catalonia, Private Life holds up a mirror to the moral corruption in the interstices of the Barcelona high society Sagarra was born into. Reflecting the transformation of society at the beginning of the Spanish Republic, the novel portrays life in vivid, sordid, and literary detail. Practically a roman-à-clef for its contemporaries, the work was a scandal in 1932. The 1960s edition was bowdlerized by Franco’s censors. Now, Mary Ann Newman now brings this essential piece of 20th century literature to the English-speaking public.

Josep Maria de Sagarra was a Catalan journalist, theater critic, translator, poet, and novelist who produced volumes of poetry, drama, essays and three major novels, which made him one of the most popular and loved voices of Catalan literature. After winning his first poetry prize in the Juegos Florales, he decided to devote his life to literature. He was a member of the Institute of Catalan Studies, the Academy of Letters, the General Council of Authors of Spain, and the council of the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise.

Praise for Private Life:

“A satirical, multigenerational saga about the intricate relationship between Barcelona’s fading aristocracy and the city’s sordid demimonde… Expect murder, revenge, and fallings in and out of love … The novel comes most alive when the author digresses from his plot: in his characters’ back stories, his ruminations on Spain’s socioeconomics, his cleverly vicious bons mots and descriptions … and in some surprisingly graphic sex… In this casual, colloquial translation, Barcelona between the wars is full of tawdry vitality, much like the novel itself.”

— Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Private Life, by Josep Maria de Sagarra is a delightful, intelligent and exciting novel, the best ever written about Barcelona. One of the high points of 20th century Catalan and European literature, it is an unflinching portrait of the social mores of the high and low classes, the desire to be someone, and the destruction of a way of life. The changes that came about in the 20s and 30s have led inexorably to the Barcelona of today. Now that the city is in vogue, it is providential that the millions of people who visit every year will be able to read Private Life.”

— Quim Monzó, best-selling author of Gasoline and A Thousand Morons

“What really makes Private Life a compelling read are Sagarra’s vivid details of this crumbling society and his keen observations about it…thanks to Mary Ann Newman and her sparkling translation, Sagarra’s masterpiece is finally available in English.”

— Three Percent Review

Thank you so much for your time.

Best regards,

Elena Seeley

La revista gal·lesa de poesia “The Seventh Quarry” ha dedicat un monogràfic a poetes catalans contemporanis:


Guest Editor: Kristine Doll

To be published September 2015
Antonina Canyelles, August Bover, Teresa d’Arenys, Gaspar Jaén i Urban,
Jordi Larios, Àngels Gregori
Helena Buffery, Anna Crowe, Kristine Doll, Dominic Keown, Roger Maimí, Alan Yates
Published by The Seventh Quarry Press ISSN 1745-2236
Address: 8 Cherry Crescent, Parc Penderri, Penllergaer, Swansea SA4 9FG, Wales, UK


£4.50 per issue or £9 annual subscription/$15 or $30 USA (please make UK cheques out to Peter Thabit Jones/USA: International Money Orders required
Swansea Poetry Magazine
aims to publish quality poems from around the world. Poets from the U.K., America, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Catalonia, China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Holland, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sicily, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland have already appeared in its pages. New York’s Vince Clemente, as the magazine’s Consultant Editor: America, ensures a steady stream of American poets.

Each issue features a Poet Profile, a batch of pages given over to a chosen poet. The policy is to try to alternate between a British poet and a non-British poet. There is also a Books and Magazines page, which provides details and brief comments on received publications.

The magazine has become a cooperating partner with Cross-Cultural Communications, New York. The partnership has already contributed to the magazine being displayed at several prestigious literary events in America and the publication in QUARRY of work by the late, Pulitzer Prize-winner Stanley Kunitz.

The magazine has also been contracted to The Poetry Library’s (Royal Festival Hall, London) prestigious digitisation project, which will ensure copies of the magazine are featured on its very popular website: regarded by many as the best source for poetry in the U.K. QUARRY was featured in THE GUARDIAN, one of Britain’s leading daily newspapers, in April 2006. It was awarded SECOND BEST SMALL PRESS MAGAZINE IN THE U.K. 2006 by PURPLE PATCH (U.K.).

The editor also organises THE SEVENTH QUARRY PRESENTS poetry evenings. The first, at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea, featured a visit by American poet Stanley H. Barkan.

The magazine is now 64-88 pages and appears twice a year, in Winter/Spring and Summer/Autumn. It costs £4.50 per issue or £9 for a year’s subscription (two copies). $15 and $30 for USA subscribers. Further information at

Editor: Peter Thabit Jones
Consultant Editor, America: Vince Clemente

Güell, Mònica (ed.), Les Illes Balears: literatura, llengua, història, arts / Les Îles Baléares : littérature, langue, histoire, arts. Perpinyà, Edicions Trabucaire, col. “Cultura Catalana”, 2015, 278 p.

“Rivista Italiana di Studi Catalani”, 3 (2013) -conté un CD-ROM amb les actes del congrés de l’AISC celebrat a Verona (febrer 2012). 

José M. Muriá y Angélica Peregrina (coord.), Presencia catalana (Jalisco, México: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2012). ISBN: 978-607-484-362-0.

Bárbara B. Lafitta, Carlos A. García y Alejandro Sánchez (coord.), Cuba y Cataluña: encuentro de pueblos y culturas (La Habana, Cuba: Facultad de Artes y Letras. Universidad de La Habana, 2013). ISBN: 978-959-7211-24-2.                                

“Catalan Review. International Journal of Catalan Culture”, 27 (2013) – Barcelona: North American Catalan Society/Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat.                        

Antonio Cortijo Ocaña, Vicent Martines (eds.), Multilingual Joan Roís de Corella. The Relevance of a Fifteenth-Century Classic of Crow of Aragon. Joan Roís de Corella Multilingüe. La importància d’un clàssic de la Corona d’Aragó del segle XV (Santa Barbara, California, USA: Publications of eHumanista, 2013).

Carsten Sinner, Varietätenlinguistik. Eine Einführung (Tübingen: Narr, 2013).

After the Classics. A translation into English of the selected verse of Vicent Andrés Estellés, translated with an introduction and notes by Dominic Keown and Tom Owen (Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2013. ISBN: 978-90-272-4011-8.

Raimon Casellas, Dark Vales, translated by Alan Yates (Sawtry, UK: Dedalus, 2014).

Mercè Pujol Berché, Recherches sur la langue catalane, Actes du colloque de Nanterre, novembre 2010, publiés avec le concours de l’Association Française des Catalanistes, de l’Institut Ramon Lull, du CRIIA, de l’ED 138 « Lettres Langues Spectacles » et de l’UFR LCE «Langues et Cultures Étrangères» de l’Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X), 15,5 x 24 cm, ISBN 978-2-35935-112-5, 420 pages, 45 €.

Immaculada Fàbregas, Araceli Alonso, Christian Lagarde, (eds.), Els Països Catalans i la Bretanya a l’Edat Mitjana : entorn de la matèria de Bretanya i Sant Vicenç Ferrer, Perpignan, Trabucaire, collection Culture catalane/Cultura catalana, 2014, ISBN 978-2-84974-203-7, 213 pages, 15 €.