Line, Word and Gesture. Visualising Thinking in the Hispanic World
15-16 September 2016, University of Birmingham
Confirmed guest speakers:
Sebastià Alzamora – poet, writer and critic
Julio César (Amarillo Indio) – visual artist
Rosalind Holgate-Smith – dance artist
© Julio César (Amarillo Indio)
We all gesture with our hands, arms, voice and face. In our aim to communicate, our bodies expand. Writing and drawing are extensions of our hands and minds, physical activities that enable our thoughts to unfold. The pencil and the brush transfer the movements of our hands and thoughts to a surface. For María Zambrano, drawing and the written word are the most efficient gestures in our constant endeavour to make ourselves be heard and in our continuous desire to communicate. While traditional disciplines have tended to focus primarily on written and visual texts as separate entities, this conference seeks to investigate specifically the different ways in which line, word and gesture can be combined to produce a bi- or multi-modal forms of communication in any area which relates to the broad field of the Humanities in the Hispanic World.
Suggestions for 20-minute papers in English, Spanish and Catalan are invited on the following topics:
 comics
 the graphic novel
 performance art
 the poetry of drawing
 drawing poems
 memory and the line
 drawing in motion
 lines of flight
 temporal presence
 memory traces
 ghost lines
 urban traces
 drawing time
 multi-modal forms of expression
 digital sketching
 word and image
 tracing gestures
Titles and brief abstracts (150 words approx) should be sent via email to before 30 July 2016. Notification of paper acceptance will be sent by 5th August. Remote presentations via videoconference or other technologies are also accepted (limited places).
Conference fees: £35.00 / day; £ 27.00 / day (student); £ 20.00 / virtual intervention
Conference organisers:
Professor Francis Lough (Birmingham), Dr Elisenda Marcer (Birmingham), Dr Eva Bru-Domínguez (Bangor)